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This is a true testimonial on why we choose the Vice e-Business Card over others on the market. The system is perfect! We pay 1 price, for 1 card, and we get multiple profiles with business details. For example, we use it to network our online radio show, our live entertainment packages, and our personal profile. The amazing thing is the profiles have analytics that give of stats on who is clicking links to view our websites, blogs, shopping carts, and more! The other cool part is we do not have to lose money because our paper cards are being thrown away.


“OMG…Thank you for introducing this Amazing tool! I have so much success using my new business card! As an influencer this means I can promote my businesses and social media on one platform!” ~Connie Martinez

“Mikey, thank you for educating me on ways you network! As job recruiter networking is the key to my success. Unfortunately, I am that one that never has a business card on hand. I have lost so many leads from future candidates and client leads. Since I have had my electronic business card I have made more contacts and many follow-ups due to the electronic card. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!” ~Asley Z/The Ash Group

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